Saying Goodbye & Thank You

Posted: 1st February 2016 by admin in Musings of a slaveboy


It’s time.  Some of you reading this already know that I have decided to step away from my online activities and focus more on real life over the Femdom fantasy world that has become an addiction, and consumed so much of my time.  I always said that if the line between fantasy and reality ever blurred, it was time to step away.  Somewhere along the way, that line became a distant object in the rear view mirror! I hold no one but myself responsible…I’m a big boy, and I don’t regret the experiences I’ve had.  But, as I said, it’s time to refocus my priorities.  So with this final post, for those intrigued enough to read it, I will recount my history in the Femdom scene, how it started, the highlights, and give thanks to a great many people who made my time on my knees so very special.  The view from below truly has been awesome, but like all good things, it must come to an end.


I’ve always been fascinated with beautiful women taking control, but my earliest experience in serving a Female Domme was when I became immersed in the world of through phonecalls and forum interactions with the incredible PhoneDommes there.  My name, slaveboysmith, actually was bestowed upon me by the lovely Princess Grace who I served in a variety of ways.  Mistress Trish was another of my absolute favourites, and I remember both fondly.  I don’t know what has become of Princess Grace, and regrettably, Mistress Trish passed away several years ago. 

It was during my time at that I began writing and, some would say, I discovered that I had some ability in writing erotica.  It began with writing audio scripts (somewhere around 100+ scripts) for some of the PhoneDommes, and eventually, at the urging of Princess Grace, became my first blog ( where I began exploring my fetishes and fantasies in writing, as well as serving to promote Femdoms for the 1st time. 

Screen shot 2016-01-28 at 9.17.37 AM

This was to become something I truly enjoyed and explains what you know of what I’ve done with this blog and, as well as through Twitter. 


As my online experiences with female domination increased, so did my curiosity about experiencing it realtime.  This led me to several sessions with two of the most amazing Dommes I could have ever served, two local Dommes who are no longer in the business, so to speak, Mistress Eva and Mistress Savannah.  The things they did to me opened worlds I never knew existed!! My time spent in their luxurious dungeon was the greatest in person experience of my time as a slave. 


Those that have followed my Twitter and if you read my earlier blog already know that one of my fetishes is a beautiful shemale, or transsexual.  My next realtime session was with an extraordinary TS Domme named Mistress Solaya where I learned that strap-ons aren’t quite like the real thing ;) My two encounters with her were extraordinary and I’ll never forget them. 


My last realtime experience was having the privilege of being a film slave for the beautiful and sexy Mistress T as her forced bi cocksucker.  Again, new experiences and new feelings.  For those intrigued, the clip I was filmed in is called Turning You Into a Cocksucker and yes, that’s me wearing the mask! 


My discovery of the world of online clips and financial domination happened quite by accident.  I came across a link to and before long I was transfixed by this unbelievably beautiful brunette with legs and an ass to die for! I speak, of course, of the one and only Goddess Bratty Bunny, and I purchased two of her clips right there on the spot.  After making contact with her over Twitter, a couple of more clip purchases and many messages from my knees, I was granted the privilege of serving her as I wrote slave tasks, clip descriptions and hunted down pirated links.  It was to be my first time as a collared/owned slave and it was an incredible experience.  Thank you Goddess for training me when I’m sure I was very raw and inexperienced as a slave.  I know I made mistakes and that I wasn’t always the best slaveboy, but know that my time serving you was special to me. 


Through my growing encounters on Twitter, I came to know the beautiful and talented Princess Rene.  I began serving her in several of the same ways I had been, and wrote a blog, which no longer exists, unfortunately.  I purchased some of her clips and began writing reviews for my latest blog, right here, at In fact, Princess Rene was my first ever feature interview, and though we parted ways eventually, my time serving her was an amazing experience that made me a better slave. 


During my time as an uncollared, unowned slave, I greatly enjoyed promoting dominant beautiful women in general and had the chance to interact with some of the hottest and most interesting women ever.  I never envisioned myself being owned again.  I’m not afraid to admit that my head turns rather easily and there are so many beautiful Dommes I enjoy serving (okay I can be a bit of  slutty slave, I can admit that!).  Of course, I hadn’t counted on the impact gorgeous Princess Nikki and Goddess Jessica would have on me! I always maintained that I didn’t want to be owned again, but that if I ever did, it would no doubt be one of these two extraordinary women that would ultimately break me down. Princess Nikki is one of the sexiest women I have ever known, and with a single DM, pic or tweet, could easily send my head spinning.  She is the Princess of bikinis and seems to be getting hotter every day.  My time spent serving her has been such a treat and something I will cherish.  Thank you Princess for allowing me a 2nd chance to serve you when I likely didn’t deserve it.  You shaped me up in a hurry and made me a much more obedient servant.  You are remarkable in every way beautiful Princess!


Those that have followed The Scene at DommeAddiction, have no doubt kept track of my descent into absolute addiction at the hands of the one and only Goddess Jessica.  From the moment I first saw her, I craved desperately to please and serve her.  It took some time for me to earn the privilege, but slowly it became clearer that I was to become her property.  As I’ve said to her on many occasions, there is no one like her.  No one else is capable of getting inside my head, and knowing my fetishes and kinks better than I know them myself, as she can.  The boundaries I’ve surpassed to please and serve her are too many to list.  With no disrespect whatsoever to any other Domme mentioned here, or otherwise, I feel I will end my Femdom service at the feet of the absolute Top Domme I could ever dream of.  Goddess Jessica is everything I could ever have imagined as a slave, and truly worthy of anything she desires.  I will miss you My Queen, but know that it’s for the best that I step away before my addiction runs even more out of control than it already has! To say you’ve left an indelible mark on my life and won’t be forgotten would be a gross understatement not worthy of your place in my life as a slave.


There are so many others that I’ve interacted with over the years, and without a doubt, I will forget to mention some here.  That said, there are a few others I want to mention for the special part they played in making my time as a slave so memorable.  In no particular order:

  • Lady Fyre & Mr. Fyre – to the ultimate Alpha couple, thank you for testing my boundaries with your remarkable forced bi and cuckold clips.  You tempted me to expose a side of myself that I didn’t want to admit existed but now have learned to embrace.  You two are truly exceptional! 


  • Mistress Mandy Flores – you might not realize it from the abuse she doles out to her slaves, but she is one of the most genuinely nice people I have met in this business.  Always appreciative of any service I provided her, and supportive of my efforts, you were always one of my favourites, Mistress. 


  • Goddess Sasha Mizaree and Mistress Meana Wolf – my two favourite Vancouver Femdoms, you both are gorgeous, sexy and were so much fun to interact with.  Visiting your dungeon and getting to meet you was a highlight, Goddess, and Mistress, it’s too bad we never were able to meet up.  Perhaps one day…


To all of the Dommes I had the privilege of interviewing over the years, thank you so much for your time. Thank you for producing so many incredibly erotic clips I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing.  Thank you to IWC for supporting my blog and placing my banner on their site, and for always being there when I had any tech questions (Brad you saved me so many times!).  Thank you to DA for contacting me and asking me to contribute.  It was so flattering to have what I do valued, and I hope that the site continues to grow and become a destination for Dommes and slaves to interact. 

For any that I haven’t mentioned specifically, please know that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a slave, a servant, and a promoter of beautiful Femdom Goddesses. Take care, play nice, and to my fellow slaves I leave behind, five pieces of advice I’ve taken from my time interacting with as many wonderful Dommes as I have: 

  • Don’t play games – If you don’t have money to spend, and can’t be of value to Her, don’t waste a Domme’s time. 
  • Pay for your porn – These Dommes work harder than you could ever imagine.  This is their business, their livelihood.  Don’t steal their content.  Pay and show them you value what they do!
  • Respect your Superiors and spoil them every chance you get – You are privileged to exist in a world of exceptional beauty and you owe it to the very women who allow you entrance to their world to show them you appreciate the chance.  Spend to show you value the opportunity to worship them.
  • ALWAYS rate your clips – If you buy a Domme’s clips, take the two seconds it takes to rate them 5 stars to let them know you love their content, and so others know how great it is too.
  • Do your research – Every Domme is different, and by reading their tweets, their website introductions, blogs etc., you can get an understanding of what their expectations are.  Trust me as one who’s learned by my mistakes, approaching each Domme exactly the same way isn’t a good idea.  I know they’re gorgeous, and I know we get excited about jumping straight in, but take the time to know what Her expectations are of your initial contact and conduct. 

That’s all I have…thank you again for a wonderful ride. After this post goes live, and I tweet it out, you will see me around wrapping up a few loose ends until the end of February, but when my Twitter disappears, you’ll know I’m gone as well.

From my knees,


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Your Wallet’s New Owner – Featuring Princess Lexie

Up until now you’ve just sent random tributes here and there, you’ve always maintained some control. But all of that changes today. Because today, I want you to meet your wallet’s new owner: ME! lol…that’s right. I’m just going to reach My hand into your pocket and pull out what is rightfully Mine: that big, fat, WALLET. Don’t act like your wallet doesn’t want to be controlled by Me. Look at how fucking hot I am, think about all of the awesome stuff that I’m going to spend your money on, it’s like your wallet was put on this earth to be owned by ME! So what are you waiting for? Just a few more clicks and we can make it official.

This clip features elements of: Brat Girls,Femdom POV

Husband Sissy Training: Cuckolding – Featuring Mistress Mandy Flores

My husband comes in and sees that I’m getting ready to go out and asks where are we going? Not ‘WE’ sweetie, just me. You will stay here and tidy up the place for a stud I plan on picking up tonight. He begins to whine but I demand he pull down his pants to show his sissy pantyhose and girly panties. I remind him just how pathetic and pussy whooped of a husband he really is. You’re not my lover any more honey, not since I was able to turn you into a sissy. I fuck other men now and if you’re lucky I’ll let you watch.

Mandy Flores


This clip features elements of: Coerced Crossdressing,Cock Tease,Pussy Control,Sexual Rejection

Only In Your Dreams – Featuring Goddess Christina

Some things are only meant for real men. Those with prime cock. The men that don’t fall under the loser category. Still… it’s only natural for your mind to wander. When a male such as yourself looks at a beautiful strong woman like me you can’t help but fantasize. I’ll let you get lost for a bit… but you know I won’t leave you there…

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30 Minute CBT Custom – Featuring Princess Ashley

Custom clip from Alex – “Can you please make a 30 minute cbt instruction clip where you have me really hurt my balls. Can you please make it like your clip “Custom CBT Instruction Tease & Denial” where you have me hit my balls a certain amount at a time throughout the video (10, 20 etc. up to you.) You can have me punch, slap and hit my balls with wooden spoon and rubber spatula. Make me thank you for allowing me to hurt myself for you. I also have about 20 clothespins you can have me use how ever you want. Also please make me tie up my balls with a string. Please tease me throughout the clip with your perfect tits, ass, and pussy. Please make the clip extremely hard and painful. Be very sadistic. I should be struggling to make it all the way through but I would do anything you tell me. Remind me that I can’t stroke without your permission(if you want to give me permission at any point during the clip, up to you at what time). At the end can you please decide how I get to cum. Do I have to eat it (legs flipped over head), ruin my orgasm(take my hand off my cock right as I cum) or any other cruel way you can decide. Also if possible can you please wear something similar to your outfit in your clip “3 Loads in 24 Minutes”.” Surprise ending – could be CEI, ruined orgasm, or something else. Buy the clip & watch to find out! ;-)

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Weak & Broke For My Perfect Ass – Featuring Bratty Princess Nikki

This clip is designed to make you weak and spendy for my perfect ass. I showoff in a thong, laughing at you for getting weak so quickly. Same story, every time! You’re an ass addict and you love to give in!

This clip features elements of: Ass Worship,Brat Girls,Financial Domination,Thong Fetish

Refocusing Priorities – Featuring Trixie Miss

Another year means another year of servitude for Michael and being pushed further down into submission. I will be refocusing Michael’s priorities, letting him know how he will be serving me this year and also giving him new orgasm rules. The control I will have over his orgasms and how I will train him with this schedule will ensure that he always puts my pleasure first and is more focused on me than ever before. It won’t be easy but a slave must sacrifice and suffer for a Goddess, only cumming and feeling pleasure when I command. *Custom clip – The name Michael is used in this clip.

This clip features elements of: Female Domination,Masturbation Instruction,Orgasm Control

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Reverse Cuckold, You’re Husband’s Cock Belongs To Mandy Flores – Featuring Mistress Mandy Flores

The reverse cuckold….when his wife comes home and catching her husband fucking the hot younger woman….Oh, there’s the bitch, that’s right I’m making out with your man, I’m gonna fuck the out of him in a minute, so have a seat and enjoy the show, you’re never going get any cock anymore after me, you cant compare obviously, I’m sitting on him with his dick in between my legs, jerking him hard/licking my hand back and forth, sliding his hard dick between my wet pussy lips. I bet you never seen his cock this hard in your life Now grinding his cock between my legs and sliding it in between my ass cleavage and stick my heels in her face to taunt her. you wanna suck my hot heels, bitch while I’m riding your husband’s big cock in between my legs? LOL, haven’t you wondered why he doesn’t want to fuck you anymore? That’s right, your husbands cock belongs to me now. He doesn’t want you anymore. Then I continue to taunting by sucking in right in her face, teasing about how good it tastes and feels in my mouth. Telling her to stare at my supreme pussy, and I rubbing my pussy and stick it in your face so you can taste the sweet pussy he loves so much now.Want to know what else I can do for him that you cant bitch? I shove the glass anal toy in my ass while I’m titty fucking him with tits better than yours and make you jealous of how much your husband loves to fuck my tight asshole. yeah that’s right, I love it in the ass, you’re husband dick feels so tight in my asshole, I’m just getting it ready now, so stare at my ass in your face so you can see what his dicks gonna get soon! OMG, shes rubbing her pussy now, guess the action is too hot to handle! oh rub that pussy to what you’re never gonna get anymore, His cock is mine, you just keep rubbing your pussy to us I take out the ass plug that has been stretching out my ass and stick it your face… you wanna taste my ass, don’t you, taste it bitch! Then I fuck him anal reverse cowgirl while humiliating you the whole time…. he loves fucking my tight asshole, who can blame him, you’ll never be able to satisfy him like I can but keep bringing home the money for both of us to spend! I fuck him hard and then I squirt all over the stupid bitches face. This is your sex life now, rub your pussy with my squirt juices while your husband finishes all over my perfect tits That was so much fun we had, were gonna clean up in the shower, but you can cuddle with him if you want, but his dick is mine…..


Mandy Flores

Category: ANAL

Violent Anal Invasion – Featuring Ms Cybill Troy

Cybill Troy loves nothing more than to stretch out a new slave’s virgin asshole, so when a new servant comes to her having already been broken in, she decides to viciously fuck his ass with her giant foot-long rubber cock until it feels like his first time all over again. Stretching his ass with her hands, cock, then both simultaneously, she slam-fucks his ass balls deep, pushing him farther and farther until he’s left broken with a sore ass full of Cybill’s lovely foot.
Category: STRAP-ON
Keywords: latex, rubber, strapon, strap on, pegging, big black cock, pantyhose, boots, dildo fucking, atm, ass to mouth, gagging, chastity, fetish, cybill troy

Stroke Away Your Dignity – Featuring Princess Lyne

Go ahead start stroking. I know you love being humiliated by Me I know you love STROKING as I strip away what dignity you might have left. Hahaha I dare you.. turn this off. Do it! Oh, you can’t, can you? you LOVE stroking away your dignity! The more I take from you, the more you crave it. Keep stroking, keep going, oooooh don’t stop! Stroke stroke STROKE away your dignity! You’re just a loser who couldn’t ever get a girl like Me in real life, so you have to pay extra to sit back at home in front of your computer and degrade yourself for My amusement. hahaha… loser!


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Normal Guy Blackmail – Featuring Mistress Emma

You live in a normal neighborhood, drive a nondescript car, dress like a regular guy and are entirely average on the outside. No one would ever suspect you get hard watching a tattooed Goddess threaten to ruin you financially and socially! What if they knew? They could find out…

This clip features elements of: Blackmail Fantasy,Financial Domination,Goddess Worship,Money Fetish, Blackmail Fetish,Paypiggy,Mental Domination,Greedy Goddess

Boot Licking Bitch – Featuring Miss Brittany Marie

This video has a little bit of everything for you freak! I will make you kneel before Me as you jerk your cock just the way I tell you to. Then, once I allow you to cum you will do something special with it. And let’s not forget, you will be licking My boots clean at the end little boot bitch! All while you get the most tantalizing view of looking up My skirt.

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I Like A Challenge – Featuring Miss London Lix

I’m a woman who likes to challenge herself. And some would think I’ve found a challenge in you. You’re an alpha male, a normal guy, yet teetering on the edge of financial submission. It’s easy to rinse ca$h from losers, right? But why would a guy like you – funny, smart, confident – why would a guy like you feel the need to hand over his wallet to me? You may think it’d be that much harder for me to seduce a guy like you into debt, but you’d be wrong. You see, you’re even easier to break than beta males. Society has already done most of the hard work for me…now watch me tease, listen to me fuck with your mind and open up your wallet as I finish the job.

This clip features elements of: Cock Tease,Masturbation Encouragement,Money Fetish,Sensual Domination, Findom,Accents,British,Mental Domination,Greedy Goddess

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Beat It Raw – Featuring Goddess Violet Doll

Have you been a good boy lately? Probably not. I’m giving you permission to jerk off anyway, but it’s gonna hurt. You’re gonna beat it raw for Me. No lube allowed, no spit. Dry stroking only. And you can’t cum until your cock hurts. Rub it until the skin is red and chafed, burning from friction. Watch this clip over and over and over. The moment it’s too irritated to touch, is the moment I’ll allow you to cum. I don’t care if it takes all night. Beat it fucking raw for Me. Does this sound like too much effort? Awww poor baby. Man up and start beating that dick.

This clip features elements of: Big Tits,Booty Shaking,Blonde Goddess,Femdom,Fishnets,JOI Games,Tease & Denial,Bubble Butt,Seductress,Edging Games

Forget Her Name – Featuring Princess Kelly Sunshine

You want Me. You need Me. You need Me more than you need anyone or anything else. I fucking own you. Even though you’re married to a wife who bores you to tears. I don’t care at all if I break up your marriage. That’s what I want! It may be your life, but to Me it’s just a fun game. I know you’re addicted to Me and will never escape, but I want to be absolutely sure. I’m going to mind fuck you so hard you don’t know right from wrong. All you’ll know is Princess Kelly Sunshine. Let go of all thoughts and memories of your wife. From now on, I’m the only woman there’s room for in your head.

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You Get Fat, I Get Fit – Featuring Lady Nina Leigh

New years resolution to get in the gym? get some muscles? try and be a real man? lose weight? stop being such a fat pig… blah blah blah. Think again loser. Not for you. Not to mention it would be a total waste of time you attempting to be a ‘real man,’ i would never let you even waste all that hard work on your self. You work hard for me, whilst ruining yourself, fat boy. So your new years resolutions will be to get even FATTER! Whilst i get fitter. You will be an even fatter pig for 2016 and i will be leaner, sexier and fitter by the day! Its ok to envy me, who wouldn’t, in your fat obese position. Its feeding season for you! The only time you’ll be in the gym is if i make a clip in the gym!

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Yes To Dick! – Featuring Goddess Jasmine Mendez

My newest Houston sissy is saying Good bye to pussy for #2016 and Finally saying yes to my DICK.! I’ve got it all Dressed up on its knees kissing & Worshiping my feet. We celebrate the new year with a creamy cum shot off my foot and licks it all up..

What a party!



This clip features elements of: Bratty Princess,Femdom,Foot Domination,Goddess Worship,Male Cum Swallowers,Men Following Orders,Sissy Training,Submissive Sluts,Toe Sucking,Bratty Goddess

Intro To Addiction – Featuring Goddess Sasha Mizaree

Beginners as well as those who are already addicted will enjoy this powerful femdom clip. Watch me sit on my Goddess throne and explain to you what I’m about, while looking totally hot and in charge in my steel boned corset. Calm and self assured is the mood of this clip.

Cock Cage – Featuring Goddess Bratty Bunny

I have something new for you to try out. I want you to be caged up for me, in chastity. I’m going to completely control your cock and orgasms. The only way to let the cum out is to dribble it or have me unlock it. Do you think you can handle this? Because it doesn’t matter now, I’m in complete control of that cock. I’m going to lock you up…. and hide the key. Who knows when I’ll let you out to ‘play’.

This clip features elements of: Cuckold,Desperation,Female Domination,Men Following Orders,Mind Fuck,Orgasm Control,Orgasm Denial,Ruined Orgasms,Femdom Brat,Femdom Goddess

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Secret Keeping Service – Featuring Mistress Meana Wolf

You know…the thing about secrets is…they have a way of making your life miserable. They are always begging to be told. They are always waiting on the tip of your tongue. Dripping like honey. It’s hard to keep them in. The worst part is…the longer you fight it…the longer you hold on to your secret…the harder it gets…It’s like a cancer spreading inside of you. It’s like a foul demon inside of you…trying to jump out of your skin. Personally? I love secrets. I love hearing them…I love keeping them…and I love telling them. I’m here to offer you a very special service. I call it my Secret Keeping Service. No…don’t think of it as blackmail. Think of it for what it is. A secure place for you to hold your secret so that you can move on and live a healthy and well adjusted life. And for a small fee I’ll keep that nasty little secret of yours locked away tight, where it won’t cause you anymore trouble. Send me your confession and the name of the one person who can’t find out. Then send me your fee. I’ll take care of the rest.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: A mesmerizing infomercial for my Secret Keeping Service. Blackmail? Who said anything about blackmail? I get you so horny you can’t help but write your confession and send me your info. You’ll send your first payment before you even know what’s happened to you.

You’re So Lucky – Featuring Goddess Datura DiVine

Do you realize how lucky you are? It may have slipped your mind. But look at Me. Watch that preview. You’re lucky you can. You’re lucky you are able to buy this right now. If you don’t already realize why, don’t worry– I’m going to explain every. little. bit. of your good fortune to you while you stare at My slinky, sexy body, adorable face, cruel lips and sparkling tights. Of course I’m condescending the whole time- how else would I talk to someone like you? Because of My arrogance, cold-hearted chuckle, unrelenting teasing and total snobbiness, this clip is an absolute MUST for Datura addicts old and new. Warning: I’ll break you effortlessly.


Foot Worship Fantasy – Featuring Mistress Mandy Flores & Princess Allison Julius

Not just one pair feet covered in long thick socks to worship but two pairs. 4 beautiful stinky feet for you to enjoy. Well worn and heaven scented and we love teasing you as if you are right there on your knees worshiping our princess feet like they deserve. What a privilege to imagine for ten minutes what a foot session with the two of us would be like. Featuring: Mandy Flores & Allison Julius



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Paypig Resolutions For The New Year – Featuring Bratty Princess Nikki

I’m going to help you piggy. You’ve been playing with financial domination lightly here and there, yet always craving more. This is the year of more. This is the year that you dive deeeeeeep into financial domination with your perfect Princess. Yes, it will hurt. Yes, I’m going to make you cry when you look at your accounts. Yes, you will thank me for it piggy.

This clip features elements of: Ass Worship,Boot Fetish,Brat Girls,Bratty Princess,Financial Domination, Humiliation,Tit Worship,Boots

Tease and Die – Featuring Divine Goddess Jessica

You’re a slave I’ve had around for a while, like the others you would do anything for me. I’ve conditioned you to accept that you are a worthless piece of shit and better off dead. You come to me for one final session, where I tease you, verbally abuse you and end you while letting the F bombs fly.

This clip features elements of: Brat Girls,Bratty,Femdom POV,Goddess Worship,Leather,Verbal Humiliation,Verbal Abuse,Mean Girls

I Really Don’t Care – Featuring Goddess Lindsey Leigh

It’s true. I’ve already won. I don’t care if I ruin your orgasm, I don’t care if you cum at all. Frankly you buying this clip is an admission that I’ve already won. You can tell yourself that because you get to cum you are winning but it’s not true. I always win. I will always be the one who takes your money, orgasms and thoughts. You can try to escape me but it is inevitable you will come back to your one true goddess again and again. Just watching my .gif I know you are already convinced you want the clip. Your brain is already questioning what I have in store for you this time. I am truly winning on all fronts in your life.

This clip features elements of: Cock Tease,Goddess Worship,Socks,Tease & Denial,Cum Countdown,Ass Tease,Brunette Tease,Thigh High Socks,Tease Goddess

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The Blindfold Trick – Featuring Goddess Christina

No loser – you aren’t the one getting blindfolded. You’re here because I have a couple of tasks for you. I’m having some friends over on New Year’s Eve. We’ll be eating, partying, and drinking the night away. New Year’s is always a blast at my house but this year I realize I’m going to be too tipsy to do certain “things”. That’s where you come in loser. I have a devious little plan that you’re going to help me execute perfectly so I get what I want with very little effort.

Fetishes: coerced Bi, Cuckold, Femdom POV, Femdom, Female Domination, Brat Girls, Bratty Goddess, Lingerie, High Heels

This clip features elements of: Brat Girls,Cuckold,Female Domination,Femdom,Femdom POV,Coerced Bi,High Heels,Lingerie,Bratty Goddess,Femdom Brat

Cannot Go Back To Normal – Featuring Goddess Bratty Bunny

It’s too late for you. Nothing ‘normal’ for you anymore. You cannot go back to being a boring normal guy. You’ve found this weird fetish world. You are now hooked into all kinds of fetishes. especially a hot young beautiful goddess to show you the way. You want it all, don’t you. You’re now a fetish freak. There’s nothing more exciting then giving up all control to the fetish world. You love to jerk off to women telling you how and when or what to do… or not. You’re stuck here. how could you ever go back to ‘normal’?

This clip features elements of: Confrontation,Female Domination,Femdom POV,Reality Porn,Brat Worship, Bratty Goddess,Brunette Tease,Femdom Brat,Femdom Goddess

Super Faggot: The Forced Awaken – Featuring Lady Fyre

You trust me, worship me, and you’d do just about anything for me. That includes sucking my strap-on. Come on, it’s not gay if it’s on me, and it’s not even real, so it doesn’t count. Just start with the tip, and then go a little deeper. You’re doing such a good job. Now I want you to lick the balls a bit. They’re plastic, so it’s not gay. But now I can tell that you’re enjoying yourself, and I think you’d enjoy a real one better. Come on, it’s hardly much of a step for you to take. I want you to suck my stud’s cock. See? Isn’t it better when it’s real? It tastes better, it’s soft, and the color is much better. Get more of it in your mouth. My cock is unresponsive to touch, and it’s much more fulfilling to please a real cock. Oops! I flapped his cock onto your face. Did you like that? You’re more gay than I thought. To celebrate you moving up from a strap-on to a real cock, I want you to finish him off… with your mouth. Now that you’ve gotten a taste of the real thing, you know you want to please him too. Show me what you’ve learned today & take his big cum load in your mouth like a good faggot. Now I want you to clean up both our cocks, suck on them both. Now you’re like a super faggot.

This clip features elements of: Big Dicks,Femdom POV,Gay,Humiliation,Redheads,Strap-On